"Hardcast Spray-Seal™ is revolutionizing the way we seal and test the Ductwork" Mark Spiezio, Mid-Atlantic Mechanical

HVAC Systems are like human bodies; internal components must work together to operate at peak efficiency. Your circulatory system transports nutrients, water, and oxygen throughout the entire body, keeping you healthy and full of energy. A building's circulatory system – its HVAC system – transports controlled and conditioned airflow throughout the facility when the ductwork is properly installed, sealed, tested and maintained. LEED Contributing and Energy Efficient products and solutions from Hardcast and DynAir provide an easier, more efficient method for sealing the ductwork and ensuring proper airflow. Specify Hardcast and DynAir to be certain that the air distribution system at your facility will operate at peak efficiency for years to come.

According to the Department of Energy leaking ductwork is a substantial problem and Carlisle HVAC has the answer to long-term performance of your building's comfort system. Do not leave the health of your facility to chance… specify Carlisle HVAC, Hardcast, and DynAir.

Hardcast duct sealing and DynAir airflow management solutions ensure that your HVAC system ductwork complies to the latest 2012 International Energy Conservation Code® and 2012 International Mechanical Code®. These codes as established by the International Code Council are the latest standards for mechanical systems and energy efficient construction. The sealing of ductwork, adequate airflow and air exchange in a facility is critical to its health, comfort and performance. Carlisle HVAC with its Hardcast and DynAir brands help you meet these requirements by providing not only the longest lasting duct sealing options but also the best airflow management hardware. Ask us how we can help you make your HVAC system perform at peak efficiency.

Inspect, clean and Seal for Life™ your building's circulatory system with precisely engineered products like Hardcast duct sealants and adhesives and DynAir airflow hardware from CarlisleHVAC.