Hardcast manufacturers water, spray applied and solvent based adhesives used for attaching fiberglass insulation to metal ductwork. These adhesive are applied to either the metal or insulation surface and are differentiated by their dry times. Depending on the adhesive, they will meet ASTM C 916, have City of LA approval and have UL 723 or ASTM E 84 Flame and Smoke classifications.

Adhesives Products

  • Coil-Tack

    Coil-Tack is a low-tack, nonflammable, water-based insulation adhesive ...
  • Roto-Tack

    ROTO-TACK is a mid-tack, nonflammable, water-based insulation adhesive ...
  • Booth-Tack

    Booth-Tack is a quick-tack, nonflammable, water-based insulation adhes ...
  • Speed-Tack

    Speed-Tack is a fast-tack, water-based insulation adhesive engineered ...
  • Insta-Tack

    Insta-Tack is an instant-tack, solvent-based insulation adhesive engin ...
  • Insta-Tack LV

    Insta-Tack LV is an instant tack, solvent based insulation adhesive en ...
  • Travel-Tack

    Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system ...
  • Non-Flam Travel-Tack

    Non-Flam TRAVEL-TACK is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spr ...
  • Travel-Tack (Low VOC) CA Compliant

    Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system ...
  • Travel-Tack Spray Cans (Low VOC)

    Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system ...
  • Non-Flam Tack

    NON-FLAM TACK is a fast drying, compliant solvent based, non-flammable ...
  • Dyn-O-Tac II

    Dyn-O-Tac II is a non-flammable, water-based insulation adhesive engin ...

Adhesives Accessories

Adhesives Documents

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All VOCs contained in Hardcast sealants are in the product to guarantee and enhance performance. Hardcast also does not use exempt solvents that could be dangerous to the applicator or building occupant.
Hardcast offers two innovative products for residential and commercial application; TPO Line Set Wrap & Seal-Tack White.

More information about the TPO Line Set Wrap can be found here.

More information about Seal-Tack can be found here.
The Binks Gemini II pump is a double diaphragm pump with a grounded acetal body and stainless steel balls and seats with PTFE diaphragms. This means you can use the same pump whether using a water-based or solvent-based adhesive. The pump is seal-less and has an externally serviceable pilot and main valve so you will not have leaks to contend with or have to disassemble the pump to service it. Binks Short-Stroke pumps significantly reduce pulsation compared to other pumps to provide a more consistent finish.

Combining Carlisle HVAC/Hardcast Sprayable Adhesives with the Carlisle Fluid Technologies equipment will give you the ultimate set-up for your shop.
Standard Formula Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system engineered to deliver a web spray pattern. Travel-Tack’s portability, limited equipment clean-up, and low equipment cost make this adhesive ideal for shop or field use.
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