Duct Restoration

Hardcast provides products, solutions and training for the restoration of a facilities air distribution system. We are focused on energy savings, IAQ and optimal thermal comfort. Hardcast continues to innovate new and efficient methods and materials for best results for the facility owner and the contractor. These solutions ensure the safety of the contractor and the facility occupant for the life of the system.

Duct Restoration Products

  • Edge Sealer

    Edge Sealer is engineered to coat the cut ends of fiberglass duct line ...
  • RC-300

    Hardcast® RC-300 is a spray-applied coating designed with an EPA-regis ...
  • RE-500 (Black)

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied ...
  • RE-500 (White)

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied ...
  • RS-100

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RS-100 is a water based, spray sealant engin ...
  • Travel-Tack Spray Cans (Low VOC)

    Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system ...
  • AFT-701

    5 Year Indoor/Outdoor Warranty - Aluma-Grip AFT-701 is a heavy-duty, p ...
  • FOIL-GRIP 1404-181BFX

    Foil-Grip 1404-181-BFX is a UL 181B-FX listed pressures sensitive roll ...
  • FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX

    Foil-Grip 1403-181BFX is a UL 181B-FX listed pressure sensitive, 40-ye ...
  • FOIL-GRIP 1402 Printed/Unprinted

    Foil-Grip 1402 is a pressure sensitive, 40-year cycle, duct joint and ...

Duct Restoration Documents

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The Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church building in Omaha, Nebraska has an unusually rich history, and preserving that history is a top priority for the church’s members. RE-500 was the sealant of choice for this challenging job because it has a low VOC content, applies quickly and easily, seals immediately and completely, dries rapidly and cleans up easily.
In May of 2015, Duke University kicked off a year-long restoration project to rehabilitate the interior and exterior of the Chapel. Pur- Vent, a full-service HVAC cleaning and sealing company with experience in historic restoration projects, was tasked with restoring the entire HVAC system, including 100 feet of underground ductwork.

For an in-depth look at this project, check out the video here.
Using ISAAC and Carlisle HVAC Products’ RS-100 sprayable water-based duct sealant, Air Management Industries thoroughly coated the interior surfaces of the rigid metal ductwork. The job took AMI one shift to complete and the system passed the leakage test the first time it was administered. The leakage was reduced from 970 CFM (18%) to less than 100 CFM (2%).
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