Flashing Tapes

Hardcast manufacturers a variety of flashing tapes in different widths, lengths and thicknesses with different substrates of TPO, AL foil, fabric, EPDM and polyethylene that are used in a variety of different markets to seal and waterproof.

Flashing Tapes Products

  • AFT-701

    5 Year Indoor/Outdoor Warranty - Aluma-Grip AFT-701 is a heavy-duty, p ...
  • All-Purpose 1602

    ALL-PURPOSE 1602 is a pressure sensitive, duct joint and general purpo ...
  • BRT-801

    BRT-801 is a black, U.V. resistance hip and ridge sealant for under ti ...
  • RMR-6325

    RMR-6325 is a white, surface & shape-adapting rubber membrane for flas ...
  • TGM-3300

    TGM-3300 is a butyl-based material between two release liners capable ...
  • TPO-2265

    TPO-2265 is a Rubber back with proven exterior performance; with its i ...

Flashing Tapes Documents

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Tech Tip Volume 12 - Shelf Life and Batch Code Decoding
Aluma-Grip AFT-701 is a heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive, 40-year-cycle, duct joint rolled sealant.  AFT-701 provides an aggressive water-resistant grip to most surfaces including sheet metal, duct board, flex duct, PVC-coated duct, and duct wrap vapor barriers.  AFT-701 is suitable for subgrade application on PVC-coated duct
Tech Tip Volume 10 - Sealants and Coatings
RMR-6325 is a white, surface and shape adapting rubber membrane for flashing and sealing unusual roofing needs, including fasteners on metal roof installations. RMR-6325 has an aggressive grip, superior long-term adhesion and stays flexible during application, assuring immediate sealing on contact. RMR-6325’s pressure sensitive properties allow a fast, clean and easy application.
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