Flashing Tapes

Hardcast manufacturers a variety of flashing tapes in different widths, lengths and thicknesses with different substrates of TPO, AL foil, fabric, EPDM and polyethylene that are used in a variety of different markets to seal and waterproof.

Flashing Tapes Products

  • AFT-701

    5 Year Indoor/Outdoor Warranty - Aluma-Grip AFT-701 is a heavy-duty, p ...
  • All-Purpose 1602

    ALL-PURPOSE 1602 is a pressure sensitive, duct joint and general purpo ...
  • BRT-801

    BRT-801 is a black, U.V. resistance hip and ridge sealant for under ti ...
  • RMR-6325

    RMR-6325 is a white, surface & shape-adapting rubber membrane for flas ...
  • TGM-3300

    TGM-3300 is a butyl-based material between two release liners capable ...
  • TPO-2265

    TPO-2265 is a Rubber back with proven exterior performance; with its i ...

Flashing Tapes Documents

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Tech Tip Volume 12 - Shelf Life and Batch Code Decoding
Tech Tip Volume 10 - Sealants and Coatings
All VOCs contained in Hardcast sealants are in the product to guarantee and enhance performance. Hardcast also does not use exempt solvents that could be dangerous to the applicator or building occupant.
Aluma-Grip AFT-701 is a heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive, 40-year-cycle, duct joint rolled sealant.  AFT-701 provides an aggressive water-resistant grip to most surfaces including sheet metal, duct board, flex duct, PVC-coated duct, and duct wrap vapor barriers.  AFT-701 is suitable for subgrade application on PVC-coated duct
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