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USA Headquarters

900 Hensley Lane
Wylie, TX 75098
Toll Free: (877) 495-4822
Local: (972) 442-6545
Fax: (972) 442-0076

Gripnail Office

97 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI 02914
Phone: (401) 216-7900
Fax: (401) 438-8520

Canadian Office

2055 Hymus Boulevard
Dorval, QC H9P-1J8
Toll Free: (800) 544-5535

Website Support: 1-866-920-7081

Product Support: 1-888-229-2199

Direct Contact Information


Southern Regional Sales Manager

Eric Gordon
Phone: (469) 263-3129
Email Eric Gordon

Western Regional Sales Manager

Chris McClinton
Phone: (469) 978-2696
Email Chris McClinton


Ottawa Representation

Carl Eric Lemay
Phone: (450) 975-2539, Ext. 4
Email Carl Eric Lemay

Greater Montreal Representation

Alex Boudreau
Phone: (450) 975-2539, Ext. 6
Email Alex Boudreau

Greater Quebec City Area Representation

David Alexandre Pagé
Phone: (450) 975-2539, Ext. 3
Email David Alexandre Pagé

Alberta & British Columbia Representation

Ed Pamer (BC)
Phone: (425) 922-5465
Email Ed Pamer
Nate Pamer (Alberta)
Phone: (425) 269-1378
Email Nate Pamer


Middle East Representation

Rakesh Saxena
Phone: (877) 737-9255 Ext. 202
Email Rakesh Saxena

Mexico (representation)

Aguilar & Associates
Carlos Aguilar
Phone: (844) 419-2551
Email Carlos Aguilar

Caribbean & Latin America (representation)

HVAC Global Reps
German Beroes
Phone: (786) 537-2989
Email German Beroes

Product Management

Manager of Specified Products

Tim Eorgan
Phone: (469) 853-8620
Email Tim Eorgan

Efficiency Solutions Product Manager

Frank Forrest
Phone: (972) 429-4972
Email Frank Forrest
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