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DynAir and Nexus provide a full line of top-quality hardware that offers premium performance, increasing installation efficiency and savings, reducing noise vibration and balancing airflow for commercial and residential structures at a consistent level. These products are available in G-90 steel and stainless steel.
Features and Benefits:
  • Reduces noise vibration
  • Balances airflow
  • Distributes airflow in a structure at a consistent, comfortable level
  • Minimizes number of project call backs
  • Money saving equipment
Flexible Duct Connectors

Flexible Duct Connector

The premium Heavy Duty manufactured flexible duct connector, offering quality unmatched by others.
Four Bolt Flange

Four Bolt Flange

The Hardcast Four Bolt Duct Connection System is designed to provide a simple and effective means of connecting rectangular duct sections together.
Vane and Rail

Vane & Rail

DynAir’s exclusive snap-lock connection eliminates peening and welding and produces an extremely strong assembly.
Damper Regulators

Damper Regulators

Offering a vast assortment of commercial and residential grade damper regulators alongside accessories that help to quiet rattling and other noises.
Access Door Handles

Access Door Handles

Designed to meet today’s needs, The Handle Set has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and is functional in operation.
Insulation Fasteners

Insulation Fasteners

DynAir hosts a diversified line of insulation fasteners that can be applied under, as well as over fiberglass insulation.

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