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DynAir’s exclusive snap-lock connection eliminates peening and welding and produces an extremely strong assembly. Dynair offers multiple solutions for vane assemblies that can help improve air flow and productivity in an HVAC system. The hollow vane system is a complete all-in-one solution while Dyn-O-Rail and Dyn-O-Rail Jr. are for shops to build their own turning vane assemblies.

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Dynair’s Dyn-O-Rails are made with sturdy 23-gauge steel, embossed for stiffness, and can be used with either single or hollow vanes up to 16 gauge steel. Dyn-O-Rails incorporate relief holes in slots to allow for support for the vanes during assembly and beveled edges that remain straight to ensure better contact.
DynAir’s Vane Setter, made especially for use with Dyn-O-Rail™ and Dyn-O-Rail Jr™, will save considerable assembly time and money, producing flawless, dependable turning vane assemblies. The tool is self-centering, made to fit the rail depressions exactly, and when activated; splits, bends over and sets the vane in place so that it cannot work loose.
The AVST-2 Air Operated Impact Vane Setter is an inexpensive tool, which uses the patented VST-1 Vane setter system, but goes one step further. This medium duty air tool simplifies and speeds up fabrication of air turning vane assemblies. It can be used to set both single and hollow vanes. The AVST-2 is designed to be used with Dyn-O-Rail and Dyn-O-Rail Jr. and may not perform satisfactorily with other rails. The nose of the tool fits exactly into the button depressions of Dyn-O-Rail for which it was made.
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