Our Restoration Products line consists of products and equipment that can be used to bring life back to a building’s aging ductwork. No longer is tearing out and replacing leaky ductwork or deteriorated duct insulation. We provide the right products and the installation methods needed.

Restoration Products

  • Cartridge Killer Extrusion Gun Kit

    Carlisle HVAC Products’ Cartridge Killer™ provides applicators with a ...
  • TPO Line Set Wrap

    The TPO rolled mastic sealant is a 6.5 mil TPO membrane laminated to a ...
  • Duct Protection Film

    The Dynair Duct Protection Film is designed as a temporary closure to ...
  • Edge Sealer

    Edge Sealer is engineered to coat the cut ends of fiberglass duct line ...
  • RE-500 (Black)

    RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied insulation encapsulant and ...
  • RE-500 (White)

    RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied insulation encapsulant and ...
  • RS-100

    RS-100 is a water based, spray sealant engineered to seal joints, pen ...

Restoration Accessories

Restoration Documents

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Improper sealing of ductwork results in 25–40% loss in HVAC Systems. Owners understand that leakage represents damaging impact to equipment, air quality and energy consumption. The superior sealing capabilities of Hardcast’s rolled mastic sealants offer an efficient means to increase your value to your customer. Don’t just tape over the problem; seal it up with Hardcast rolled sealants.
RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied insulation encapsulant and coating. This spray coating provides resistance to mold growth and is designed for use inside HVAC ductwork to encapsulate surfaces of lined ducts to prevent fiberglass fibers from becoming airborne. At 13 g/l this low-VOC coating is ideal for critical projects such as hospitals and schools. The semi-gloss finish provides a surface that will prevent debris accumulation that could lead to mold growth.
Foil-Grip 1404-181BFX is a UL 181B-FX listed pressures sensitive rolled mastic sealant. The Foil-Grip 1404-181BFX has superior tack for instant grab strength to galvanized metal, flex duct, PVC coated pipe, and PVC coated ductwork for an immediate airtight bond. The foil facer/butyl adhesive composite provides excellent UV resistance coupled with outstanding water resistance. The easy tear provides a fast installation for airtight seals on above and below grade ductwork applications.
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