Sprayables & Coatings

Carlisle Hardcast's coating line-up is engineered to coat the cut ends of fiberglass duct liner, wrapped insulation, rigid fiberglass duct board and foam insulation. With options ranging from mold growth resistance to providing exceptional vapor barrier characteristics for liquid chiller and steam piping insulation applications, our coatings are sure to accommodate just about every application.

Sprayables & Coatings Products

  • Jr. Mobile Sealant Delivery System

    A sealant delivery system that allows you to step out of the shop and ...
  • Flex-Grip 550 Spray Grade

    Flex-Grip 550 Spray Grade is an all purpose, fiber-free, sprayable duct ...
  • Spray-Seal

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - Spray-Seal is an all-purpose high performanc ...
  • RE-500 (Black)

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied ...
  • RE-500 (White)

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied ...
  • Seal-Tack

    Seal-Tack is engineered to seal cut ends of fibrous glass duct liner o ...
  • Edge Sealer

    Edge Sealer is engineered to coat the cut ends of fiberglass duct line ...
  • RS-100

    10 Year Indoor Warranty - RS-100 is a water based, spray sealant engin ...
  • Seal-Tack AF

    Seal-Tack AF is a tough, fire-resistant, washable, indoor coating used ...
  • Seal-Tack G

    Seal-Tack G is a tough, fire resistant, washable waterborne acrylic, i ...
  • Seal-Tack GO

    Seal-Tack GO is a water-based, fire resistant, vapor barrier, outdoor ...

Sprayables & Coatings Documents

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Details products, product type, post-consumer recycled content, pre-consumer recycled content and VOC content. 
RE-500 is a high-performance, spray-applied insulation encapsulant and coating. This spray coating provides resistance to mold growth and is designed for use inside HVAC ductwork to encapsulate surfaces of lined ducts to prevent fiberglass fibers from becoming airborne. At 13 g/l this low-VOC coating is ideal for critical projects such as hospitals and schools. The semi-gloss finish provides a surface that will prevent debris accumulation that could lead to mold growth.
All VOCs contained in Hardcast sealants are in the product to guarantee and enhance performance. Hardcast also does not use exempt solvents that could be dangerous to the applicator or building occupant.
Using ISAAC and Carlisle HVAC Products’ RS-100 sprayable water-based duct sealant, Air Management Industries thoroughly coated the interior surfaces of the rigid metal ductwork. The job took AMI one shift to complete and the system passed the leakage test the first time it was administered. The leakage was reduced from 970 CFM (18%) to less than 100 CFM (2%).
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