Cost Savings! It all adds up

Since the introduction of its Hardcast brand in 1965, Hardcast Products has been the leader in duct sealant technology. Today, the tradition of innovation and excellence that you’ve come to expect from the makers of Hardcast continues, with its Spray-Seal duct sealant. Offering unsurpassed labor-savings, pinpoint accuracy and long-term performance attributes, Spray-Seal is an engineered duct sealant that allows contractors to maximize their profitability and pass the most rigorous pressure tests… the first time!

Spray-Seal vs. The Competitors

For our demonstration, all three products were weighed prior to opening the lid and after all the joints were sprayed, allowing for an accurate determination of the amount of product required to seal the eight-foot length of ductwork. In each instance, it requires significantly fewer buckets of Spray-Seal compared to any competitive product.

Spray-Seal is the only product engineered to retain its high performance attributes and spray efficiently through an 11-thousandths spray tip. If you extrapolate this small demonstration to real world projects, consider the potential savings. In each instance, it requires significantly fewer buckets of Spray-Seal compared to any competitive product.

*According to test results when sealing all transverse and longitudinal seams of identical 8' lengths of ductwork and four-bolt fl ange using each manufacturer’s recommended spray-tip size. All products were applied in identical conditions. Field coverage rates may vary dependent upon pump pressure, applicator experience and coverage rates.
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