Spot-Ons & Pin Welder

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Spot-Ons and companion clips, sold separately, are a convenient and proven method for fastening insulation blanket or board to sheet metal. Spot-Ons are ring shanked pins, made of 12 gauge low carbon steel, annealed and zinc-plated. Apply using any portable or stationary resistance welding unit with hollow magnetic tip. Available in four lengths, Spot-Ons can accommodate up to 1⁄2" to 2-1⁄2" thick insulation. The companion CLIPS, sold separately, are easy to install over the pin tip. They will hold any board or blanket insulation in place. A reliable, easy-to-maintain, medium-to heavy-duty pin welder. • Weld SPOT-ON Pins to Galvanized and Cold-Rolled Light-Gauge Sheet Metal • Fitted with Dual Switches Actuated by a Single Trigger Switch and Has a Weld Timer to Ensure Consist Welds • Well Balanced • One Hand Operation • Can Be Hung From a Retractable Overhead Cable Reel • Application Rate Up to 8 Per Minute on 19-22-Gauge and Up to 12 Per Minute on 24-Gauge and Lighter • Fuse 30 Amps for 115v. Machine **Weld Tip Conditioning File Included**

SAP Numbers

  • 308103
    1 Case w/ (1,000) 3/4" Spot-Ons
  • 308104
    1 Case w/ (5,000) 3/4" Spot-Ons
  • 308105
    1 Case w/ (1,000) 1-1/4" Spot-Ons
  • 308106
    1 Case w/ (5,000) 1-1/4" Spot-Ons
  • 308107
    1 Case w/ (1,000) 2" Spot-Ons
  • 308108
    1 Case w/ (5,000) 2" Spot-Ons
  • 308325
    1 Case w/ 1,000 Spot-On Companion Clips
  • 308327
    1 Case w/ 5,000 Spot-On Companion Clips
  • 308177
    1 PW-33 110V Pin Welder & Case
  • 308179
    1 PW-33 220V Pin Welder & Case
  • 304643
    1 Replacement Magnetic Tip for PW-33 Pin Welder
  • 308913
    1 Replacement Trigger Switch for PW-33 Pin Welder
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