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Weld Pins are manufactured with consistently sharp points to ensure positive contact with the sheet metal to which they are to be welded. Produced from special carbon alloy steel, the point of the welding pin is hardened in a unique cold form process. This hardens the points, giving them a steel temper, which, unlike other welding pins, will not blunt or flatten when applied. The sharper point of contact results in a better weld and creates fewer sparks that ignite adhesives or burn substrates. Weld Pins are easily applied using any conventional portable or automatic resistance welding unit.

SAP Numbers

  • 308141
    1 Pail w/ (5,000) ½" Flat Weld Pin
  • 308142
    1 Pail w/ (5,000) ¾" Flat Weld Pin
  • 308143
    1 Pail w/ (5,000) 1" Flat Weld Pin
  • 308144
    1 Pail w/ (3,000) 1-1/8" Flat Weld Pin
  • 307097
    1 Pail w/ (3,000) 1-1/2" Flat Weld Pin
  • 304973
    1 Pail w/ (3,000) 2" Flat Weld Pin
  • 304644
    1 Solid State Resistance Pin Welder
  • 304645
    1 Magentic Replacement Tip
  • 308796
    1 Trigger Switch
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