Snap-In and Clip-On Bushings

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Rossi was the first to introduce the Snap-In Bushings and changed the game in HVAC damper assembly. With this innovation, Rossi eliminated install times as the bushings snap right into the duct wall for speedy assembly. These eliminate leakage and are rated for medium or low pressure systems. Their Clip-On Bushings add an additional locking clip for higher pressure systems.

SAP Numbers

  • 358698
    1 Case w/ (500) Snap-In Bushing for 3/8" Bar (B-SNAP3/8)
  • 358699
    1 Case w/ (300) Longer Snap-In Bushing for 3/8" Bar Used w/ Lined Duct (B-LONG)
  • 358700
    1 Case w/ (500) Snap-In Bushing for 1/2" Bar for Use w/ Larger & Rectangular Blades (B-SNAP1/2)
  • 358701
    1 Case w/ (400) Open Ended Clip-On Bushing for 3/8" Bar w/ E-Clip & Washer (B-300)
  • 358702
    1 Case w/ (300) Close Ended Clip-On Bushing for 3/8" Bar w/ E-Clip & Washer (B-330)
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