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CCWI - 181 is a versatile, all purpose duct sealant for use on all types of metal duct, glass fiber duct board, and flex duct, as well as duct fabric and flexible tubing runouts. CCWI - 181 incorporates a built-in polyester reinforcement for exceptional strength, with UV inhibitors for outdoor use. -CCWI-181 is UL 181A-M & UL181B-M Listed -Passes ASTM C-731, D-2202 USDA, EPA & FDA Approved LEED compliant SCAQMD Rule 1168. -City of Los Angeles Approval RR #8427

SAP Numbers

  • 304146
    1 Case w/ (25) 11 oz. Cartridges (Gray)
  • 304142
    1 Case w/ (25) 11 oz. Cartridges (White)
  • 340294
    1 Case w/ (4) 1 Gal. Pails (Black)
  • 304148
    1 Case w/ (4) 1 Gal. Pails (Gray)
  • 304144
    1 Case w/ (4) 1 Gal. Pails (White)
  • 304147
    (1) 2 Gal. Pail (Gray)
  • 304143
    (1) 2 Gal. Pail (White)
  • 304145
    (1) 5 Gal. Pail (White)
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