Hardcast Full Line Sealing Specification - Detailed

This duct sealing specification encompasses 5 different stand-alone sealing systems based on the following products and applications. 1. Metal/Flex - Reinforced mastic = VG-181 with built-in fibers (UL 181A-M & UL 181B-M) 2. Metal/Flex - Non-reinforced mastic = IG-601 (UL 181B-M) 3. Metal/Flex/Duct board - Reinforced mastic with scrim = VG-181 (UL 181A-M & UL 181B-M) 4. Metal/Flex - Spray Applied = Spray-Seal™ (UL 181B-M) 5. Metal/Flex/PVC duct system - Rolled mastic sealant, two different types: FG-1402 (UL Classified) or FG-1404 (UL 181B-FX)
Modified: 12/11/2017


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