The Dynair hardware line features money saving equipment that helps to reduce noise vibrations, distributes airflow in a structure at a consistent, comfortable level, and minimizes the number of project call backs.

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Hypalon is the preferred material for outdoor applications such as connections to rooftop units where they may be subject to direct sunlight. The material is unaffected by ultraviolet rays and can be used near electrostatic air cleaners and U.V. ray filtration systems with complete confidence. Hypalon is more abrasion-resistant than Neoprene, has a slightly wider operating temperature range, excellent aging qualities and resists a wide range of chemicals.
Neoprene is the choice of specifying engineers. It is the industry standard, retaining its flexibility and aging characteristics over a long period of time. 
Weld-Ons are manufactured with consistently sharp points to ensure positive contact when welded to sheet metal. Produced from carbon alloy steel, the point of the welding pin is hardened in a unique cold form process. This hardens the points giving them a steel temper, which unlike other welding pins, will not blunt or flatten when applied. The sharper point of contact results in a better weld and creates fewer sparks to ignite adhesives or burn substrates. Weld-Ons are easily applied using any conventional portable or automatic resistance welding unit. Cup style washers are designed to sufficiently depress the insulation surface without tearing it.
The PTP-1 Instrument Test Port consists of a ZAMAC (zinc) alloy body casting, which is installed over a sponge neoprene gasket and is red in color, making it easy to locate when conducting pressure/velocity tests.
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